Aug 14

Bioluminescent algae VIDEO !!

I finally got a few decent clips of the algae. It still doesn't do it justice. But it's awesome none the less.


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  1. iyvone

    Hello Damen Nix,
    Your Bioluminescent Algae tank is super amazing.

    I am really interested to find out how you managed to grow the bioluminescent algae in the tank.
    Because I am looking to use them for an art project installation.
    I am attempting to grow them myself but its not successful on my end.

    Would you consider working with me on a project?

    Thank you.
    please get in touch with me.


  2. Damen Nix

    Id be happy to help. Im thinking of getting another batch, I love these things.

  3. lsymms

    what nutrients are you using.

  1. bioluminescent algae - Damennix.com

    [...]    !!!VIDEO!!! [...]

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