May 15

test MathML

$ C_1×V_1=C_2×V_2 $

Awesome it works. I just found something that makes entering equations much easier. I have a USB Bamboo Pen tablet and Windows 7 includes a math input panel. Windows recognizes handwritten equations and converts them to MathML. MathML stands for Math Markup Language. WordPress doesn't support MathML natively, but there is a plugin WP-Math-2. I write the equation with the pen pad, and insert it into Microsoft Word. Then I "paste as plane text"  from Word to WordPress, and BAMM! beautifully rendered completely readable equations.

here is a real test. The Quadratic Formula:


Math Panel



$ X=(-b±√(4^2-4ac))/2a $     <<< Extra credit for remembering? lol


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  1. Damen Nix

    well I don’t like the way it showed the division… or the radical, but hey its better than nothing.

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